Legal Online Poker For Kansas Residents

Kansas residents looking for legal Kansas online poker sites have come to the right place. is dedicated to helping all Kansas residents find the best poker sites that accept Kansas players. This is not a problem as we have a wide selection. If you want to learn more about playing legal poker in Kansas, keep reading more below.

Is Poker Legal In Kansas?


Since the state Penal Code doesn't mention online poker – nor any other form of gambling online – we could safely assume that it is legal, at least until further notice. Federal laws apply, but none of them puts a ban on the game per se, not even the dreaded UIGEA.

Even though the system is against gambling, there are still licensed casinos throughout the state. They are all operated by Native American tribes and offer traditional games, including Texas Hold'em and Stud. They seem to be the only fully legal way of playing poker offline in Kansas.

Legal Online Poker Sites For Kansas Residents

A lot of Internet poker rooms accept players from Kansas. After analyzing a lengthy list, we came with several recommendations.

Bovada Poker - All Kansas Residents Accepted

Looking for a great site to play poker online in the state of Kansas? Look no further than BetOnline. They have been bringing profit and fun to the great state of Kansas for more than a decade and they don’t plan on stopping anytime soon. One of the many ways in which they offer up the good is through a great deposit bonus that helps even the most hopeless poker players start off strong.

Many will ask, “How good is a great deposit bonus?” Well, whenever a site gives back more money on a deposit than they receive the bonus is going to rank pretty high. How much does this online poker room for Kansas residents give back? Double, they take a person’s first deposit then double it and give it back in increments as they play more games. In the end any poker player can benefit from having a bigger bankroll to start out with and that is what BetOnline brings to the table.


SportsBetting Poker - Big Bonuses Up To $900 For Kansas Residents

Kansas is a state that is infamous for the strife that it was formed in. This strife created a community of people that were born in the fires of controversy and in the worst cases battle. This has created a state full of tough people that want nothing more out of life than a good tough fight. SportsBetting is where you will find many of the residents of this fine states now that today’s current cultural and societal rules aren’t exactly keen on fighting and or battle.

SportsBetting's online poker room offers an experience in online poker that no other site on the web can match. They offer the chance to take down the pros. Any resident of Kansas who can’t get enough of a good rumble should be chomping at the bit hearing that there is a site that allows them to take on the best and brightest of the poker world in fierce felt top battle. Their high stakes tables are likened to a field of glory upon which the giants of U.S. poker battle it out. This room is made of nothing but tough poker players who are looking for a good game and any Kansas resident who is worth their weight in bruises and honor should make sure everyone knows that Kansas doesn’t mess around.

BetOnline Poker - Easy Deposit Methods For Players Living In Kansas

BetOnline is our top pick. The prizes in guaranteed tournaments are too good to miss – BetOnline boasts a whopping $150,000 in prize pools, and growing. Then comes the lifetime bonus guarantee – while other sites will top your first deposit with a certain percentage, BetOnline gives you 25% on each and every deposit you will make as a member. And if you ever get tired of playing poker, BetOnline also offers a sportsbook and a whole lot of casino games (3D slots, a myriad of blackjack variations, 3-card poker and many more).

Kansas Poker Laws

Kansas comes with a set of rather restrictive laws regarding legal online poker in Kansas – and gambling, in general – and is, by far, not a safe haven for poker players. Gambling is technically a class B misdemeanor in Kansas. The state's Criminal Code defines gambling as the "action of making a bet or knowingly being in a gambling venue with an intention to bet including, but not limited to, playing a gambling device or entering a lottery". Oddly enough, this implies that simply being in a gambling place could get you indicted.


Is It Legal to Play Land Based Poker in Kansas?

Poker is a craze that has been devastating the nation.  It’s meteoric, unmatched rise in popularity has led to people all across the country itching to find a way to take part in the game.  For Kansas residents, this unfortunately may involve not being in Kansas anymore, Toto.

Among all the states in the union, Kansas has one of the strictest definitions of gambling, which undoubtedly includes playing poker for bets and wagers.  For Kansas residents, getting caught in the mere act of gambling is a class B misdemeanor, which cannot actually escalate.  This means that while gambling is technically illegal, the penalties are light and therefore unlikely to be enforced is this is a resident’s only legal infraction.

Where a Kansas resident can find serious legal trouble is through participation in the business, or facilitation of poker.  This is not to say that one can get in trouble for hosting a private game in their own home amongst friends, while this action is not specifically sanctioned by the law and could still technically constitute a misdemeanor offense, the law has never cracked down on a private game.

The distinction between holding a private game and facilitating a game, which can land a resident with a felony charge, all boils down to one simple fact: does the host of a poker game collect a profit?  As long as a Kansas resident resists the temptation to collect money from merely hosting a poker game whether through charging admission or collecting a small “rake” from each pot, they cannot be classified as being “in the business” of gambling, and can therefore not be charged with a felony.

Where to Play Poker in Kansas

In addition to the ability to play small games for low stakes in the privacy of a residence so long as no profits are being collected, there are a couple other options open to Kansas residents.

Since state law sanctions tribal gaming, there are a couple casinos on Native American reservations that are open to the public.  In these poker rooms, players are allowed to take part in very low stakes tournaments, often buying in for under $50, but hey, even if it’s not a way to become a millionaire, it’s at least legal poker.

Still, with bordering Colorado sporting much more lax laws on playing poker, it may be worth a short flight to check out some of the bigger casinos.  Even better, since you’re already in the air, why not check out Las Vegas?

Sadly, there just aren’t many options for poker fans in Kansas as land based poker within the state borders does not offer much freedom or opportunity for profit.

Note: The information presented herein doesn't qualify as legal advice. We are only a group of poker players from Kansas who wanted to present you with some facts the media did a sloppy job at covering. Should you need further counseling, please consult with a legal representative.

With Bovada, there is always something to do in Kansas. Bovada has tons of poker tables just waiting for Kansas residents to come sit at them. Bovada is one of a few online poker sites that accept Kansas residents and it is the most trusted. Rely upon Bovada to cover all you gambling needs in Kansas from the comfort of your own home. I hear the storms out there can be a doozy.